Warning: Montreal Is Getting Weather This Week

The most accurate forecast ever made.
Warning: Montreal Is Getting Weather This Week

This morning in Montreal, things are looking rather weather-ish. Luckily for us meteorologists have made some weather predictions, and those predictions are somewhat relatively accurate. 

Today we can expect some weather. There is a high probability of weather on Tuesday as well, and we will likely see more of the same on Wednesday.

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No word yet on what Thursday has in store, but if we had to make an educated guess, we'd say there’s good chance that more weather is headed our way.

We're expecting a low of -Cold°C and a high +Hot°C. And the interesting thing is that we're not just getting Celsius degrees. We're getting some Fahrenheit as well. 

There could be rain. Unless of course it doesn't rain, in which case there most definitely will not be any rain. Same goes for snow, tornadoes and of course Sharknados. 

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We tried to cancel winter but alas our requests have fallen on deaf ears. Shortly afterwards we realized we weren't wizards so we probably didn't have the power to do that in the first place. 

If you live in Canada, the US or pretty much anywhere in the word, you may also experience weather today and for the rest for the week as well.

If you do, don't panic, we assure you this is totally normal.

Disclaimer: This article is an April Fool's joke - It is meant for satirical purposes only. 

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