Warning: Montreal Police Closing Off Downtown For Terrorist Attack Training

Everyone needs practice, even the Montreal police, otherwise how can they maintain their perfection? Ok, sarcasm aside, because I don't think anyone will go on the record to say that the SPVM are perfect, but the Montreal police are having a big practice session this Saturday, officially titled a "terrorist attack simulation."

Joined by 350 participants, the SPVM will be conducting a "simulation of terrorist attacks in Montreal" on Saturday, October 24th, as stated in the police force's press release for the event.

So the SPVM has room to train, a section of downtown will be closed off from all traffic between 12pm and 3pm. Here are the streets that will be affected:

  • Saint-Urbain St. between Sherbrooke St. and Sainte-Catherine St.
  • Jeanne-Mance St. between Sherbrooke St. and De Maisonneuve Blvd.
  • Bleury St. between Sherbrooke St. and Président-Kennedy St.
  • Ontario St. & Président-Kennedy St. between Clark St. and City Councillors street
  • De Maisonneuve Blvd.between Clark St. and Jeanne-Mance St.
  • Evans St. (wherever that is...)

Also note that blank firearms will be used during the simulation, which will sound a lot like real guns being fired. Make sure to not freak out, because the SPVM was certain to point out the "simulation does not present any risk for the population."

And for all those who will undoubtedly be miffed by the closing of this section of downtown, keep in mind that while you may think a terrorist attack simulation is a bit pointless (what terrorists would attack Montreal, right?), this is the kind of training you definitely want a police force to have.

Sure, the training may never put to use, but it's just comforting to know the police have it, like a condom in your wallet when you're 16. Yup, exactly like that.