Warning: Montreal To Be Hit By Powerful 40cm Snowstorm

Avoid travel if possible.
Warning: Montreal To Be Hit By Powerful 40cm Snowstorm

Winter has been tough in Montreal so far this year. The constant thaw has wrecked the streets, the temperature has been absolutely horrible, and everywhere you look there are giant chunks of dirty ice lining the sidewalks. 

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TL;DR  A powerful storm is headed towards southern Quebec. Starting Tuesday afternoon, we will be seeing between 20cm - 40cm of snow. Travel conditions will be hazardous.

But even though we've seen some weird weather this year, we haven’t been hit seen a major snowstorm in Montreal. Sure we've had some pretty big ones, but we haven't had any of those legendary “city-paralyzing” Montreal snowstorms ... yet!

According to Environment Canada, there is major winter storm watch for many cities in Quebec including Montreal. A powerful storm is expected to hit Quebec on Tuesday beginning in the afternoon. The storm is going to continue until Wednesday.

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We’re expecting between 20cm - 40cm of snow which would make this the biggest snowstorm of the year.

The snow will be accumulating rapidly and because of the high winds, visibility will be very low which means travel around Montreal will not be so easy. 


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