Warning: Montreal To Be Hit With Brutal 20cm Snowstorm

'Real' winter is coming.
Warning: Montreal To Be Hit With Brutal 20cm Snowstorm

I hope you're one of the lucky people who don't have to work today, because we're about to be hit with a brutal snowstorm.

According to CBC, Environment Canada called this a "rapid even explosive development". The snowstorm could dump up to 50 cm of snow in some areas.

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The areas that will be hit the worse are the Gaspé, the Saguenay regions, Drummondville, Eastern Townships and Quebec City.

Montreal might be on the lucky side, but we won't get off that easy.

Up to 20 cm of snow is expected to start falling Thursday morning at around 9:30 am.

This afternoon we will see 5-10 cm, followed by another 2-6 cm in the evening, and up to 5 cm on Friday.

But it's not just the snow we have to worry about. The high winds will bring colder temperatures with them. Friday night will be particularly brutal, it will feel like -22°C!

Luckily it will warm up slightly on Saturday, but make sure to dress up well if you're going out for New Year's because it's going to feel like -14°C

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