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Warning: Montreal To Face Worst Allergy Season In History

The sniffling, the sneezing, the itchy eyes and the runny nose.
Warning: Montreal To Face Worst Allergy Season In History

Mother nature can be a cruel mistress. We spend most of the year locked indoors avoiding the snow and sniffling perpetually. Then spring comes along and you'd think the suffering was over, but it's only getting started.

No doubt you've noticed how weird the weather has been acting lately, and wouldn't you know it, it's going to have some dire consequences.

First of all, we had a relatively warm winter compared to the average which is pretty much a guarantee that there will more pollen in the air his year.

Additionally, although April has been unseasonably cold, the early March thaw caused plants and trees to start blossoming early. Then they froze again, which means that this year, all the tree, grass and plant pollen will be hitting us all at once.

And if that wasn't bad enough dust and dander levels are through the roof right now.

The worst time for allergy sufferers will be mid-to-late spring.

There are only 2 solutions for this problem. Lock yourself in a bubble or you can follow these easy steps:

  • Use air conditioner and keep your windows closed.
  • Flush out your sinuses with a solution or with a Neti Pot.
  • Do laundry often to remove pollen from your clothing and sheets.

Good luck out there. 

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