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Warning: Montreal Will Break All-Time Heat Records This Week

Brace yourselves.
Warning: Montreal Will Break All-Time Heat Records This Week

As much as we love the summertime and we hate complaining about the heat, it's getting a little but uncomfortable in Montreal lately.

Yesterday, Montreal broke the all-time heat record for July 2nd when temperatures hit 38°C!

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And we're about to break a few more records this week because this heat wave is far from over.

  • Today, it will once again feel like 38°C with the humidex, which is perfect if you happen to be a lizard.
  • Wednesday we're expecting as high of 35°C which would shatter the previous record of 33.1°C in 1983.
  • Thursday we're expecting 34°C. The hottest it has ever been on that day was 32.8°C in 2003.

Via theweathernetwork

Environment Canada is warning people to protect themselves, to drink plenty of fluids, to avoid alcohol, and to limit physical activity

So how long is this heatwave going to last? We're expeing showers on Thursday which will give us little break from the heat, and starting Friday we will be back to a more enjoyable 25°C!

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