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Warning: Montreal Will Break All-Time Heat Records This Weekend

The heat is making a comeback.
Warning: Montreal Will Break All-Time Heat Records This Weekend

This summer has been incredibly hot so far, so the last few days have been especially tough on everyone.

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Yesterday it was only 7°C in the morning and you could already spot cyclists wearing tuques, gloves and heavy jackets. Today it's cold, rainy and we might only see a high of 20°C if we get lucky.

But don't worry because summer isn't over just yet and the heat is going to be making a comeback this weekend.

So for those of you who were looking forward to breaking out those fall sweaters, you might want to wait a little longer because things are going to be heating up.

In fact, Montreal is expected to be breaking the all-time heat record. 

Via theweathernetwork

It's going to keep getting hotter and hotter all week long and some forecasters are already saying that there will be a heat warning in effect. 

On Saturday it's going to be 29°C and 38°C with the humidity. That means Montreal is going to break the all-time heat record of 29°C that was set all the way back in 1947!


But that's not all.

On Sunday we're expecting 27°C and the all-time high on that date was 26.9°C in 1991.

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