Warning: Parts Of Quebec Will Be Hit By 30cm Of Snow This Week

It's pretty obvious that Canada's weather hasn't been in its prime since autumn began. It started out with some cooler temperatures and beautiful fall foliage, but it's quickly turned into a full-fledged winter over some areas of Quebec.

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TL;DR Starting tonight, northern Quebec will be experiencing intense snowstorm conditions leaving the province blanketed in over 30cm of snow. Driving conditions will worsen inland and on higher terrtain. More details below.

We've already been preparing ourselves for the snow that's going to hit Montreal this Sunday, but what if we'll be seeing snowstorms even earlier than that?

Well, get ready Quebec, our worst nightmare has come true.

Environment Canada has issued a warning for eastern Quebec due to a snow and storm pattern taking over most of the coast.

If you weren't prepared to hear that it'll be snowing before Halloween, you won't believe this. Up to 30cm of snow is expected to hit Quebec by Thursday. Time to say goodbye to any hope of having anymore typical autumn weather, this Ice Age is here to stay.

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The Gaspé Peninsula is currently experiencing some pretty intense storm conditions right now, with the neighbouring New Brunswick already experiencing massive road issues due to snow and ice.

For the most part, the snow will fall as rain or be super wet, meaning we'll be getting horrible slush and sleet conditions as well. 

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Since driving will be made much more difficult in the north of the province, both Environment Canada and The Weather Network are advising everyone to avoid driving on higher terrain.

It's going to be a long and unforgiving winter, Quebec.

Stay tuned for more information on our first snowstorm of the season.

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