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Quebec Roads Will Be Under Increased Surveillance By Police For The Next Two Weeks

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Quebec Roads Will Be Under Increased Surveillance By Police For The Next Two Weeks

The construction holiday is quickly approaching, which means increased road closures, commute times, excrutiating traffic, and unfortunately vehicle-related deaths.

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Last year alone 19 people died while 68 were left seriously injured on Quebec roads. It is inarguably the most deadly time of Summer. Luckily, police will not be taking any chances this time around.

The Sûreté du Québec are drastically increasing their presence on all roads this entire week in an effort to control traffic and decrease any chances of collision during the massive road restrictions. The SQ is cautioning all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to remain vigilant as well. Ironically, the construction holiday is really no time for vacation for anyone.

During this time of year nearly a third of Quebeccers are on vacation, meaning the amount of drunk driving on roads increases quite a bit. So, this is seriously the worst time of year to even consider trying to drive somewhere. The SQ is going to be using aerial surveillance, such as drones, to catch anyone who's texting while driving, so you're better off saving that important call for when you're off the road if you want to avoid getting a hefty fine.

And if you thought you could avoid the SQ by staying away from major roads, you're wrong. Quad riders and boaters will also be under the eye of the police this week as well, as off-road traffic will be pretty crazy too.

The extra surveillance will be present in Montreal and across Quebec until at least August 5, which is when the construction holiday comes to a close. It's safe to say you're better off staying home as much as possible this upcoming week, travelling by foot, or leaving SUPER early if you want to get somewhere on time.

Drive safe, Montreal!


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