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Warning: Record Number Of Bears Being Spotted Wandering In This Quebec Town

Officials have been overwhelmed with calls.
Warning: Record Number Of Bears Being Spotted Wandering In This Quebec Town

I always thought that it was funny that one of the most dangerous animals in North American is also the most quintessential children's toy - the "teddy" bear.

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In real life, bears are not all that cuddly, sadly. This summer alone, bear attacks have been statistically high and frequent.  I wrote a story about this in July because I was noticing a new horrifying bear attack news story pop up at least every week, if not multiple time a week.

Now, it seems that bear sightings in Quebec, specifically the Gatineau region that closely borders Ontario, are at an all-time high.

In the span of just one week, police lines overwhelmed with calls about bears spotting around the Gatineau and Ottawa area.

Just last week a bear was spotted casually wandering into downtown Ottawa. 

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According to a source at The Weather Network, Richard Moore a manager of conservation services for the NCC said that the area received "a couple sightings a day."  

Usually, throughout the summer the area may see "50 to 60" total black bear sightings.

Moore goes onto say that he believes that the black bears are approaching humans because they're "hungry." It's been a warm summer and food is in short supply for the bear population. Yikes.

He also gives some advice to people who are worried about bears wandering into their backyard: It's always best to keep your trash cans inside. Sounds advice! 


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