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Warning: Risk Of Urban Flooding Across Southern Quebec

You might want to cancel your plans for tonight.
Warning: Risk Of Urban Flooding Across Southern Quebec

This summer has been insanely hot. However, the humidity this past week has been another level of oppressive. I've literally seen people outside on their balconies sleeping! The struggle is most definitely real. 

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We are collectively standing around just waiting and praying for rain. Not just humans, but plants, animals, everyone is dying from this horrid humidity. It's gotta break at some point! But as you probably imagine, the breaking point will not be pretty.

According to The Weather Network, there is a MASSIVE storm which just poured down on Toronto and it's headed our way. Looks like it's going to hit tonight. 

The storm is predicted to bring about 10-15mm of rain overnight. And a "flood risk" warning has been issued by the Weather Network as well.

Via theweathernetwork

Via theweathernetwork

Via theweathernetwork

The good news is that once this storm finally blows over, it appears like it will be clear skies all weekend with very low chance of precipitation. 

That said, when it comes to your plans for tonight, it might be best to cancel your plans and literally "rain check" for the weekend when the skies are going to be sunny and blue. Time to enjoy the sun!

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