Warning: Today Montreal Will Experience The Hottest Weather On Record In Over 70 Years

This past weekend in Montreal was weather was surprisingly warm considering we're halfway through September.

Normally at this time of year we're already taking out the fall jackets, but this year everyone is still walking around in shorts and t-shirts. 

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Yesterday it was so hot that we actually broke the all-time heat record set on September 16th 199l. Montreal’s temperature hit a high of 27.6°C. The hottest it has ever been on that day was 26.9°C. 

And we're going to be breaking another record today.

According to Environment Canada, the hottest it has ever been on September 17th was 28.9°C. That record goes the way back to 1942! 

Via weather.gc.ca

Think about it, 1942. That means the last time it was this hot it was World Ward 2. That was the year Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, and Jimi Hendrix were born. It's also the year the movie Bambi and Casablanca were released. 

Today, Monday September 17th 2018 we're expecting a high of 29°C. And with the humidex it's going to feel like 37°C. 

So today Montreal will officially be breaking the record for the hottest weather in over 70 years!


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