Watch A 15 Year Old Denis Coderre Talking About How He Saw A UFO In The 1970s

The truth is out there that Montreal has the coolest mayor ever.

Denis Coderre, our loveable mayor of Montreal, is quite the cool character. He seems right at home in the world of politics, but did you know that it wasn't his first career choice? Mayor Coderre actually had very different plans for his future, he was going to be an astronomer.

You can see him in the video below talking to  a reporter about his future career during a science expo. We're not sure what year the video was recorded, but according to a YouTube commenter, he was 15 years old at the time.

The reporter asks him why he has a fascination with UFOs and Coderre explains that it's because of his love for astronomy. He claims that one night when he was observing the night sky, he saw a UFO. He says the object appeared out of nowhere and floated through the air, suddenly stopping in its tracks and heading back in the other direction. Coderre claimed that this was the moment he knew it was not an object from our world.

He filled out a questionnaire at what he called "his organization" (no specific name is mentioned) and according to the details he provided, compared to world-wide claims, there's a 50% chance that it was in fact a UFO.

Check out the full interview below: