Watch A Montreal Police Officer Threaten To Tie A Homeless Man To A Pole For An Hour

Witness a new kind of police brutality. Yesterday, January 2nd, during what was one of Montreal's coldest days yet (-30 and below), Montreal citizen Omar Tunisiano came across a brutal exchange between a homeless man and an SPVM officer. The homeless man, ill-equipped for the frigid winds and wearing a t-shirt and shorts, was being berated by the police officer, all the while shivering intensely. Lecturing the poor man, the police officer even went as far as to threaten to tie him to a pole. Extreme and entirely shocking, check out the scene in the video below, filmed by Tunisiano himself.

Surprised at the SPVM officer's actions, or is this normal to you for the Montreal police? Tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.