Watch Justin Trudeau Challenge Barack Obama To A "Push Up Contest"

Okay, so it's maybe not technically a "push up contest", but still. A challenge was issued, and that's good enough for me.

Earlier today, Justin Trudeau challenged President Obama - along with FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Prince Harry, and the Queen - to bring their A game to 2016's Invictus Games. And the results? Hysterical.

Watch the hilarity ensue below, and try not to fall even more in love with our Prime Minister than you already are. (Protip: It won't work. He's awesome.)

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"Ill-founded and abusive" is how superior court judge Michèle Monast described a Quebec woman's defamation lawsuit against Justin Trudeau. In a decision published on November 29, Monast shot down Diane Blain's case against the prime minister.

The lawsuit followed a 2018 incident at a Liberal party rally in Sainte-Anne-de-Sabrevois, Quebec, in which Blain asked Trudeau when he would "give back the 146 million [Quebec] paid" to support what she called Trudeau's "illegal immigrants."

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