Watch Justin Trudeau Strip Off His Clothes

Yes, this really happened.
Watch Justin Trudeau Strip Off His Clothes

Justin Trudeau has officially reached PILF (Prime Minister I'd Like to F*ck) status. Why? The hair, for one, but what really sealed the deal is this striptease video, where the newly minted PM pulls a Magic Mike. Sophie sure is a lucky lady.

Taped at the Canadian Liver Foundation's "What a Girl Wants" fundraiser, the Trudeau-tastic video below features Justin peeling off his shirt strip-tease style, revealing a bit more skin than we're really used to. Note, though, that this was taken in 2011, back when Justin was still rocking an evil-looking mustache and goatee, but don't let the awkward facial hair detract from all the political sexiness.

In a perfect world, Justin would be taking off much more than his dress shirt, but unfortunately political leaders can't pull double duty as legit strippers, so the strip ends earlier than anyone would like. Still, it's pretty cool to see a PM fun enough to get a little rowdy and show off the goods. Not that we'd ever want to see a Harper striptease....

See Justin twerk it below, and imagine what the rest looks like all day afterwards.


Thanks to FactPointVideo for posting the original video.