Watch Montrealers Fall On Ice In Real-Time All Around Montreal

A web-camera view of the entire city.
Watch Montrealers Fall On Ice In Real-Time All Around Montreal

Photo cred - @steveglwalsh

Walking around Montreal the last 24 hours has been nothing short of a challenge. Sheets of ice cover nearly every sidewalk and roadway, making each step a potential downfall onto the harsh ground.

What is awful for you, however, is hilarious when it happens to someone else, as we all can't hep but giggle or smirk when watching someone take a tumble to the icy floor. One website allows you to gaze upon the city, and any incoming slip 'n falls, using a network of webcams, letting you witness the fun from the comfort of your computer.

Maybe your not as sadistic as us and don't enjoy watching people struggle through winter, but if you are, feel free to head to the Montreal page of WXYZ Webcams, which has 37 webcams streaming real-time Montreal action all of the time.

Many of the cams are set up along above major roads, making the site ideal for anyone wishing to get an idea on the city's traffic sitch, though some much-used pedestrian spots, like Mont-Royal avenue, are on the camera-list too.

Check out the website here, and use it how you like. If watching folks fall isn't your thing, you can also feel like an evil genius who is watching the city through the camera-eyes of robotic henchman, because we've all wanted to be a super villain at some point.

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