Watch Montrealers Try New York Bagels

You Won't Believe Their Reactions
Watch Montrealers Try New York Bagels

Remember when I went to New York City, fed their people our bagels and told them to put Montreal Steak Spice on it? Remember? Well, if you don’t, here, watch this.

When I was in NYC I decided to kill two American eagle-birds with one Canadian stone and bring back NYC bagels so that I could make a video with Montrealers eating them. Clever, eh? Well, I think so.

The results… the results were not good…

Who’re we kidding? I don't really care who has better bagels I just wanted to get people to do f**cked up shit on camera, so I made them put mayo and cod liver on their bagels and then filmed them eating it! We got a gagger, so it was totally worth it.


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