How To Watch Game Of Thrones In Canada If You Don't Have HBO

Don't miss the premiere of the new season!
How To Watch Game Of Thrones In Canada If You Don't Have HBO

Sad, but true, the final season of Game of Throneswill soon come to an end. While it's depressing to know, at least we've got 2 more episodes of an epic season to look forward to before it's all over.

If you don't have HBO and aren't a fan of the more illicit forms of steaming, we've got some options below on how you can enjoy the fantasy drama.

Whether you're hoping to

stay home or want to meet some fellow fans, here are the best ways to watch Game of Thrones across Canada if you don't have HBO.

TL;DR The new season of Game of Thrones is almost over and if you don't have HBO then we have you covered with how to watch the show, both at home and in the best bars across Canada. 

Crave Canada

Crave costs $9.99/month for Canadians and will give you full access to all the old seasons of Game of Thrones as well as all the upcoming new episodes.

Also, if this is your first foray into Crave, you actually get your first month free! 

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Crave is the sole Canadian broadcaster of HBO shows, which obviously includes Game of Thrones. While HBO Now is still not available to Canadians, Crave is the only way to the Throne.

So in addition to a monthly Crave subscription, you can also add Crave to your current TV package, if you're someone who still rolls with cable. Just click the box that says "Find Your Provider," and you will be redirected to your cable providers web page where you can add Crave and start watching GoT! 

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Well, there you go, Canadian fans of Game of Thrones! You're prepped and ready to take in that new season... we'll be right there with ya.