Watch The Montreal Canadiens Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Haters gonna hate.
Watch The Montreal Canadiens Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Montreal loves its Habs, but outside of the city (and maybe within!?) the Canadiens do have some haters. Reverse Habs fans tend to voice their frustration on the interwebs, as any hater does, hiding behind their respective computer screens. Well, the Habs are calling the haters out and having some fun with their harsh comments in a very Jimmy Kimmel-eqsue manner with Habs Read Mean Tweets #1.

Like the title suggests, the video showcases Habs players reading out the hilariously hateful comments folks have tweeted about them. Some are pretty spot on, like the Lars Eller comment, others not so much, though the players featured take it all in stride.

Only the first volume, we hope another one of these vids comes out soon, with more players featured. The Habs youtube page does have some other pretty cool videos you can check out, and in the meantime, enjoy Habs Read Mean Tweets #1 below.

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