Watch These Cars Struggle Up A Hill In Montreal Because Of All The Snow (Video)

Winter tires are no match for Montreal's mount and all the recent snow.
Watch These Cars Struggle Up A Hill In Montreal Because Of All The Snow (Video)

While we all know that winter tires are mandatory in Montreal, the law doesn't promise those tires are actually going to be enough to get around our snowy city.

That much is evident when you see the video below of multiple cars struggling to get up the avenue Atwater hill thanks to all the snow.

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TL;DR Even winter tires are no match for Montreal's massive hills and insane amounts of snow. Proof: all of the cars in the video below, struggling helplessly to make it up Atwater Avenue this morning.

An MTL Blog reader, Athena or @getilexox, sent the video to us this morning and it's absolutely ridiculous.

You can see multiple cars on Atwater Avenue at Doctor Penfield spinning their tires in an attempt to make it up the steep hill.

But there is so much snow, the tires can't catch a grip and the cars barely inch along.

This happened to me last year in about the same place. I was headed to my house in Côte-des-Neiges in a taxi I grabbed downtown.

There was so much snow and the hill becomes so steep that the taxi struggled and struggled up the hill, to the point where I got out of the car.

With less weight in the back, the taxi was able to make it up the hill and I hopped back in at the next set of lights. It was ridiculous.

Only in Montreal.

It looks like Montreal needs to install something like this genius invention in Norway.

Honestly, if the cars don't need this in the winter, then I do in the summer. 

Living in Côte-des-Neiges makes biking home a nightmare, so I would love one of these bad boys to help me up the hill on Côte-Sainte-Catherine near Université de Montréal.

Having one of these life-changing inventions would legit change our city! 

Think about how easy it would be to get up Mont Royal!

Maybe we should petition BIXI to start building bicycle lifts around the city, once they're done expanding the bike share stations across the island.

Call me crazy, but my idea is less insane than this guy's:

@mtlblogembedded via  

Again I say, only Montreal.

I have so many questions! 

Was this planned?! Did the driver know?! 

At least we know the guy made it to Subway in one piece...

Be careful out there!

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