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Watch These Two Montreal Musicians Fight To Win This Season Of 'The Launch' (Videos)

They're repping Montreal's music scene nationwide!
Watch These Two Montreal Musicians Fight To Win This Season Of 'The Launch' (Videos)

Wouldn't it be nice if Canada could finally create a singing show that did for Canadians singers what the myriad shows in the States do for American singers and songwriters?

Well, CTV's new season of The Launch is launching tonight... and I think Canadians are finally going to get excited about a singing reality show. 

Particularly once they see the two Montreal artists that are competing.

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TL;DR The newest season of The Launch kicks off tonight and there are two Montreal musicians to keep an eye out for! Details below.

I'm lucky enough to have actually seen both Avery Florence and James Clayton play live in Montreal and they make me proud that they're repping our city nationwide. 

The reality is anyone who lives in Montreal knows that this city has a completely amazing music scene and most of the musicians you can see at any one of the many musical spots in the city deserve to be famous, at least in Canada.

Avery's voice is particularly special, though. As she herself says, she "sounds like a hug" — and she's not wrong. 

If you follow Avery on Instagram, you're sure to catch snippets of songs she's working on, honest chats on mental health awareness, and an open love of the healing properties of cannabis. My girl.

Like her Montreal counterpart, Avery loves to travel and be inspired by cities far and wide and she never turns down an opportunity to collaborate.

James Clayton is also from Montreal but actually kicked off his career in Berlin playing street music.

That makes it pretty easy to understand his ability to transition back to Montreal, where the street music scene is practically half the music scene.

We love our buskers in MTL, no question.

Just last week I was able to see James Clayton play an awesome show at L'escogriffe on Saint-Denis.

He was accompanied by an equally awesome Montreal musician, Letchi. 

@letchi_musicembedded via  

Maybe we'll get to see him next season...

Celeb mentors include Ryan Tedder, lead singer of One Republic and award-winning record producer and songwriter; Quebec's own "Queen of Pop," Marie-Mai; Canadian songstresses Jann Arden and Sarah McLachlan; current popstar Bebe Rexha; and Canadian rock heartthrobs Bryan Adams and Max Kerman of the Arkells.

The first five hopefuls will be performing a song written by Tedder for the show's premiere tonight.

You can watch the season premiere for free right here on CTV's site the day after the broadcast, so Thursday the 31st.

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