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Watch This Montreal Pedestrian Literally Have To Climb A Wall To Get Around A Flooded Sidewalk Today (Video)

He somehow doesn't fall!
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Watch This Montreal Pedestrian Literally Have To Climb A Wall To Get Around A Flooded Sidewalk Today (Video)

It has been a hectic day in Montreal. Unexpectedly large amounts of snow, combined with rain and above-freezing temperatures have turned the city into a watery mess. Across the metropolis, streets and sidewalks have become flooded, putting pedestrians in danger and forcing the city to temporarily shut down some routes.

As the city races to clear the water before temperatures drop, Montrealers have come up with some pretty creative ways to navigate the flooded city.

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TL;DR A video submitted to MTLBlog captures the moment a Montreal pedestrian scaled a wall to bypass a flooded sidewalk. This is just one example of the creative ways Montrealers dealt with flooded streets today.

In a video shared with MTLBlog by Instagram user @dids_brisebois and captured by user @benjamin_stonge, for example, a pedestrian in downtown Montreal can be seen scaling a wall to bypass an inundated sidewalk. Do not try this yourself.

The video perfectly encapsulates the craziness in Montreal today. 

This pedestrian hangs from an edifice and carefully climbs around the large puddle. He surprisingly manages to get to the other side dry.

What makes this video even funnier is the ease with which the pedestrian behind him, who had the sense to wear boots today, simply walks right through the water he was desperately trying to avoid.

Many Montrealers have taken to social media to demonstrate the acrobatics and clever methods they've used to avoid getting wet today. 

While this unfortunate confluence of weather events wreaked havoc, it also created potential for some pretty hilarious antics.

@mtlblogembedded via  

At least Montrealers can commiserate together. 

Despite the pitiable, even hilarious condition of the city right now, the roads and sidewalks are super dangerous. Make sure to take caution if you head out!

It's also important to check on your elderly friends, family, and neighbours. Slippery sidewalks are especially hazardous for senior citizens.

Stay tuned for more news from this crazy day!

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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