Watching Funny Cat Videos At Work Actually Boosts Your Productivity

I'll go straight to the point here - turns out, taking frequent breaks at work makes you more productive. Japanese employers have found that showing their workers cute pictures of cats or funny animal videos throughout the day makes their employees more motivated and focused in the long run.

Hiroshima University has conducted a study where a test group was divided into three categories. One category of students was shown pictures of cute baby animals before being asked to complete various tasks. The other group was shown photos of adult animals and the third category of students were shown photos of delicious food. As a result, those who looked at photos of adorable baby animals outperformed the rest of the study participants.

In other words, what this study means is that our brain tires from repeated stress. We need distraction in order to reboot our system. There's no better way of decompressing at work than watching funny kitty videos. Productivity comes down to this - longer hours doesn't necessarily mean better quality of work. Strategic breaks between work sessions is what's going to make us perform at our best.

In 2014, researchers have found that for every 52 minutes of work, we need at least 17 minutes of break. The best employees are not those who work the longest hours, but rather those who use their energy efficiently in order to solve daily tasks in a creative and up-beat approach. So next time you lose your shit at work, take a deep breath and watch a funny cat compilation on YouTube. You're welcome.