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Water In This Quebec Town Has Been Contaminated With A Dangerous Bacteria

Think before you drink!
Water In This Quebec Town Has Been Contaminated With A Dangerous Bacteria

While many consider winter Quebec's most perilous season, summer, too, has its dangers.

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That became especially clear a few weeks ago, when a historic heat wave killed over one hundred people in the southern part of the province. That tragedy has become one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history.

But hazards also hide in the most innocuous places. Deadly plants line hiking paths and even invade Canadians' back yards. Sharks sweep the Atlantic coast for easy food sources. And flesh-eating bacteria is alarmingly common in the warmest, wettest months.

Most bacteria thrives in the summer. In one Quebec town, residents are suffering the consequences.

Contamination of the public water supply in Saint-Bernard, a town south of Québec City, has left ten people hospitalized and made necessary a warning to boil water.

Campylobacteriosis is a bacteria that, while not flesh-eating, can cause vomitting and diarrhea. Other saint-Bernard residents have found blood in the bowels. In the worst cases, an infection can lead to a dangerous fever.

In all, over forty peole have been infected. Officials are hard at work to clear water sources of bacteria and determine the origin of the contamination.

Unchlorinated local water sources are especially susceptible to bacterial infestations.

Above all, Quebec residents should informed of public announcements.


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