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Watermelon Ice Cream Bowls Are The Perfect Summer Treat At This Montreal Shop

Delicious works of art!
Watermelon Ice Cream Bowls Are The Perfect Summer Treat At This Montreal Shop

It's not a difficult feat to find the taste of summer in Montreal, not in the slightest. 

Depending on who you ask, the "taste of summer" can be found in many ways. Street festivals, free live music, terrasse hopping - all of these can define summertime in Montreal quite well.

Thinking more literally, though, summertime to me is for ice cream, and sangria, and fruity sweet cocktails in the sun. Beers too, of course! 

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One Montreal shop has the taste of summer dessert game figured out entirely. They've combined a ton of summer deliciousness into one amazing package. 

Watermelon ice cream bowls!.. and yes, they look as amazing as they sound. 

Just a look at some of these refreshing summer fixes has me craving them hard. Can't you imagine enjoying one of these perfections in the sun, or by the beach, or at your favourite park? Hell, I will happily enjoy some of this amazingness while walking down the street. 

They're so incredible, they can be enjoyed anywhere with absolutely no shame! 

Not only is this idea and presentation totally, 514% genius, but they are incredibly adorable too. 

The folks behind this amazing summer treat can be found at Le Blueboy in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood.

They have the frozen yogurt and ice cream game on lock. Le Blueboy desserts are a work of art! All of them look too good to be true. 

Le Blueboy's coveted watermelon ice cream bowls were available last year,but only for a short month. I just spoke with the folks over there and they confirmed that these delicious dessert bowls WILL be available all summer long. 

@le_blueboyembedded via  

There is only one catch. They will be available so long as they have watermelons to make them out of! In summer, watermelon season is pretty high - but naturally, where there is a demand sometimes things run out of stock. 

Le Blueboy promises to keep these on the menu, but of course, if everyone buys one in a day and they run out of watermelons, well then you're SOL, at least until they can get more.

So don't wait too long, go to Le Blueboy in the Plateau and get one today! And tomorrow... and on the weekend. 

Le Blueboy can be found at 150 Mont-Royal Est.

Check out their officialFacebook page right here!

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