Ways To Easily Boost Your Productivity (And Not Even Notice) That Science Has Proven To Work

Need some inspiration while you're in the library today? Take a pause to look at some cute animal pics, because it actually will help you. No joke, it's one of the many productivity-boosting facts written up below. All of these facts are very strange, but very true, and none of them are a drag. Read on to get productive.

Bump me, Bro

  • Stay healthy by pounding fists, not shaking hands. Giving a props to your home boys (or girls) transfers a lot less bacteria than an old school handshake. Fist bump more = more time to study.

Don't Hit The Snooze Button

  • Hitting the snooze button for an extra few Z's is not a good strategy. Doing so will likely bring your mind back into the first stages of the sleep cycle, the hardest and most annoying point to be woken up from.

STOP Checking Your Emails

  • Take a break from your inbox, it'll do your mind and body good. Without access to email, workers were found to be less stressed, multitask less frequently, and have more prolonged focus.

Super Kawaii (that means super cute in Japanese)

  • Japanese researchers have found that viewing images of cute animals/cartoons before a task makes one more focused, the result of a "cuteness-triggered positive emotion"

The Power-Man Pose

  • For guys (and girls) looking for a confidence boost, taking a stance with feet firmly planted, head high up, and hands firmly planted on the head, sides, or any surface will increase testosterone levels and promote a feeling of power and confidence. Rock a power stance at your next presentation for a better review.

Leave Your Work At Work

  • Stop thinking about work/school once you get home, especially after a hard day, and you will decrease the amount of emotional carry-over into your home life. Even if school made you feel shitty, get positive at home and you'll stay that way...until tomorrow.

Appearance > Reality

  • Telling friends things you don't necessarily believe about yourself can still make it true. Next time you know you should study and not party, tell your friends "no you can't" rather than tell yourself "no, I don't feel like it" and you'll be much more likely to follow through.

Why You Love Coffee Shops

  • There's a reason everyone flocks to study at coffee shops. At 70dB, coffee shops have the ideal noise level for thinking creatively and abstractly.

The 90 Minute Mark

  • Don't pull all nighters or cram sessions. Instead, space your workload out in 90 minute intervals, the optimal time for maximizing productivity and minimizing exhaustion.

Will these work for you?