We Asked One Australian Band What They Thought About Montreal, This Is What They Said

The Paper Kites talk music, Francophones, and poutine.
We Asked One Australian Band What They Thought About Montreal, This Is What They Said

Last Friday, Australian born indie/ folk band, The Paper Kites filled Il Motore to capacity as they amazed fans with a beautiful performance. If you haven't heard of The Paper Kites before, you're missing out! This five member band, which was established in 2009, found their success initially through online mediums, such as sharing their videos with friends and publicizing themselves through social media. That's right kids, proof that you should continue uploading your lovely voices onto YouTube, that's how Justin Bieber got famous as well, isn't it?

The Paper Kites are a highly versatile band, and each one of its members plays an average of three different instruments, an asset which truly defines their work. The Paper Kites' newest album, States, was released just over a month ago. It was ranked #17 on the ARIA Albums chart and #5 on the ARIA Australia Albums chart, and we highly suggest you give it a listen!

We asked The Paper Kites about some of their thoughts on Montreal, see what they had to say!

MTL Blog: What have you heard about this wonderful city before visiting?

The Paper Kites: We haven't heard much to be honest. Okay, well we know you guys have excellent food. Also, that everyone here speaks French. Rumor has it that Quebec wants to become its own country, what's up with that? We haven't been here a while, but driving in, we noticed that you could see this one massive church- like thing from every angle (they were talking about the Saint Joseph Oratory).

MTL Blog: Have you ever heard of poutine before? If so, what have you heard?

The Paper Kites: Yes! We've heard of poutine, we don't know why its considered a delicacy here though. Poutine is something we'd like to eat after downing a couple of beers, definitely not in the middle of the day.

MTL Blog: So what do you think of our poutine? (We provided The Paper Kites with a poutine from Montreal's favorite, La Belle Province)

The Paper Kites: It's definitely better than any poutine we've ever tried before! And looks better too! Okay! we can see why you guys take so much pride in your poutine! French fries, gravy and cheese, you just can't go wrong with this combination.

These amusing Australians had some questions for us, and these were our favorites:

(1) What's a francophone? What's an anglophone?

MTL Blog: A francophone is a person who has a French automated cellphone and an anglophone is one that has an English automated cellphone.

(2) How does this whole French/ English separation thing work? When we walked into a store this afternoon, the male clerk gave us guys a hard time when we responded in confusion to his French rant.

MTL Blog: He was probably just super intimated by your sexy Australian accents.

(3) Why is Quebec the only French speaking province in Canada? How'd they manage to make that happen?

MTL Blog: Wikipedia's your best source for that answer, we wouldn't want to give you a biased response.

(4) Can English speaking people even get a job here in Montreal?

MTL Blog: Yes, but you're better off just putting "functional in French" on your resume, and just winging it if you get the job.

All the way from Australia, The Paper Kites came  to Montreal and gave us heaps of love. Check out their newest single "Young", which features a beautifully composed track paired with an awesome and unique music video:


Photo credit: Yazzi Williams 

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