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Young or old, few can resist the allure of a well crafted cheese-based dish. Cheese, whether it be featured in its grilled, macaroni, or Philly steak format, is sure to please young and old alike. The newly launched 'Le Cheese' food truck is well aware of the large amount of fromage-ophiles inhabiting Montreal, and seeks to cater to their cheesy needs.

    'Le Cheese,' hosted its official launch party on Friday at the quaint, but very comfortable, Lili and Oli in St. Henri. Thankfully, MTL Blog was around to preview all of the cheesy goodness and give you a preview of whats in store for your taste buds.

To get started, Le Cheese offered early comers a sample of their mac 'n cheese as well as their gazpacho. Only a cup-full was made available, a taste to leave you wanting more. The mac 'n cheese was baked with peas and cauliflower, along with a generous amount of breadcrumb on top, to create a tender yet crisp twist on a childhood favourite. Living up to its namesake, Le Cheese's gazpacho is chock full of cheese, which balances the sharp flavour of onion and spices inherent in the dish. Both options can be found on the food truck's official menu and are definite recommendations.

Some may have been a little peeved by how long it took for the food truck to actually start serving food, but the show runners of Le Cheese knew how to keep the crowd satisfied: free alcohol. Beers, and the random undercover bartender with a water bottle full of vodka, kept us all more than pleased. While it did take a bit to get the ball rolling, everyone seemed to be having a great time. And the cheese was worth the wait.

Le Cheese's menu is fairly straightforward, offering starters, grilled cheese, sandwiches and some dessert. Going for the classic, I went with the 'special du jour' grilled cheese, priced at just below $8. The regular was only about $5 but when it comes to cheese, go big or go home, and I was not disappointed. The bread was a perfect combination of soft, crisp, and slightly burnt, to offer that delicious charred flavour. Packed with an assortment of cheeses, the 'special du jour' was a great pick, although the regular was nearly as delicious for a lesser price.

Not to be restricted in its offerings, Le Cheese also offers cheesy tater tots, Philly cheese steaks, and deep fried cheese cakes. Appetizers to desserts, Le Cheese has its cheese-bases covered.

In terms of execution Le Cheese could have made its launch a little cleaner. I had a great time throughout, but I could sense some frantic anticipation from the crowd regarding when they would get their cheese-fix. Bare in mind, however, that a catering event, which what the launch was, is very different from a lunch service. A bar of 100+ is not the same as a lunch-line of twenty. Once orders were being taken the wait was pretty short. Keep your cheese-filled hopes up and check out Le Fromage for your comfort food fix. They'll get the job done.

And MTL Blog, of course, made its mark on the truck.

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