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We Broke Down Into Laughter When We Found Out About "Trophy Scarves"

Social statement or unsuccessful satire?
We Broke Down Into Laughter When We Found Out About "Trophy Scarves"

Nate Hill, American artist and social activist, is pushing the limits of fashion norms by wearing white women as scarves. Actual, physical, white women he drapes across his shoulders just like a scarf. Actually.

Before anyone gets in a huff and puff about how degrading this is to the female gender, realize that's the point. Hill, by ridiculously wearing a living being as an article of clothing, is satirizing the culture around interracial couples. For many men of colour, white women represent an ideal of modern beauty, to that point that white women are made into trophies to be showed off. Hence the name of Hill's initiative "Trophy Scarves"

Hill has no reservation about showcasing his project on the web. Hill even makes house call. Hilariously satirizing the concept of 'trophy wives,' Hill has found a shocking way to poke fun of white women as a standard of beauty, and the obsession white and non-white men alike have with the Caucasian feminine form. Check out some of Hill's trophy scarves below.

For full detail on Trophy Scarves, visit the official website.

What do you think Montreal? Is Hill making a statement on the status of white women in modern culture, or is it entirely degrading? Let us know in the comments below.

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