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We Don't Really Know What To Say Other Than These Cosplay Pictures Are Awesome

Dressing up and wearing elaborate costumes is really only acceptable on Halloween or during some sort of convention. Cosplay, dressing up as a character from a book, movie, or manga, is a major highlight of any nerd gathering (see Montreal's comicon for an example), as people from all walk of life get decked out in zany costumes. In a convention setting its cool and normal, but when you see the same people dressed up in their homes, it gets kind of weird.

That's pretty much the idea behind photographer Klaus Pitcher's ongoing photo series 'Just the Two of Us.' Bridging the gap between a Cosplayer's real identity and their costumed alter ego, 'Just the Two of Us' shows us the everyday side of people who like to live fantasy. The stark contrast between fiction and reality is somewhat jarring, as the elaborate costumes look so out of place in regular settings like bathrooms and kitchens. Surreal, strange, and almost unsettling, "Just the Two of Us' reveals a side of Cosplay you never get to see. See for yourself in the photos below.

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