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We Finally Know When Downtown Montreal's Krispy Kreme Location Is Going To Open

We only have to wait a couple more weeks!
We Finally Know When Downtown Montreal's Krispy Kreme Location Is Going To Open

We reporteda couple months ago that Montreal was finally going to get a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts location in the heart of the city. The franchise retreated from the island in the last decade. Since then, Montrealers have had to venture to the suburbs to get their Krispy Kreme doughnut fix.

The new location was set for Rue Ste Catherine Ouest, near Place-des-Arts, but they ran into several hiccups along the way, including a reported fire that set back construction.

Well, finally, we know when the store will open and it's not too far off now!

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TL;DR While there is still no OFFICIAL date, the Krispy Kreme Instagram account has made several comments that say we can expect the downtown Montreal location to be opened "mid-March," so the wait is almost over! Details below.

Several people were commenting under the photo above to ask about the long-awaited downtown Montreal location, with one person even saying, "downtown location such a bluff, stop playing with ma feels."

To which @krispykemeCAN replied: "No bluff, just a big delay because of the fire. 😢The rebuild is almost done 🙂"

According to several other comments made by the official Krispy Kreme Canada Instagram account, pictured below, the date is set for mid-March.

Via @krispykremeCAN

Via @krispykremeCAN

That means we could be stuffing our faces with the amazing doughnuts in just a matter of weeks!

They also tweeted yesterday that they were "getting close" to opening.

Hey #Montreal we are getting close to opening our downtown Krispy Kreme Café 🥳 #staytunedhere

February 26, 2019

Their official site still says, "Coming soon!" but at least now we have a semi-date to look forward to.

I swear if I don't have a doughnut in my face by March 15th I'm going to start a protest.

Via Krispy Kreme Canada

Just kidding. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been to be en route to opening and then having to deal with a fire. 

Plus, if you've ever had the doughnuts you know they are totally worth the wait.

On the Krispy Kreme Canada site, the current doughnut menu includes the Original Glazed as well as a bunch of fun twists on the classic.

@krispykremecanembedded via  

They have a Cake Batter doughnut, the Caramel Kreme Crunch that is topped with crunchy toffee, Glazed doughnuts filled with your choice of Kreme, Raspberry, Lemon or Custard as well as a Cinnamon Apple Filled doughnut and doughnuts shaped like basketballs and footballs.

Head totheir site to see all the amazing doughnuts we can expect in just a couple weeks in downtown Montreal!


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