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We Finally Know When Hashish Will Be Legal In Canada

Hash, edibles, and other cannabis extracts will soon be legal for sale!
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We Finally Know When Hashish Will Be Legal In Canada

Today, the Government of Canada announced that it will finally make cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals legally available for sale in government cannabis dispensaries. This announcement comes at the conclusion of a 60-day public consultation. 

Canadian cannabis users will have legal access to everything from baked goods to hair products. Each product must follow stringent federal regulations in order to be sold in stores. Baked goods, for example, cannot exceed more than 10mg of THC per package, according to Health Canada

The new law will come into effect no later than mid-December of this year. Global News estimates that based on the market and Health Canada's regulations, edible products could be available by December 17th. 

Cannabis extracts and topical products are also finally allowed for legal sale. That means that Canadians will have access to a range of products including vape juice and hashish.

Since October of last year, we've seen legal weed sweep across the nation with incredible success. No matter your opinion on cannabis consumption, legalized weed is here to stay. 

In Quebec alone, the SQDC, the province's official store, sold $71 million dollars worth of cannabis. With an expected tax revenue of roughly $29 million, the inclusion of legal edibles and extracts will benefit the government even more. 

It's estimated that the market for these products is somewhere around $2.7 billion annually across Canada. Edibles make up most of that amount, but there is a high demand for vape products and hashish.

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The government has set a mid-December deadline for when you'll be able to purchase hash in Canada. As mentioned, December 17th is the likeliest date

Edibles and extracts are proven to be beneficial for a range of medical issues. Of course, the worry is always that youth can access it easier, but the government is taking steps to ensure that youth will have zero access to these products

Packaging will be standardized and no hash products will be over 1000mg of THC. Maximum package sizes will be in 7.5-gram quantities

With everything from baked goods to hair products, the quality of these new cannabis products seems encouraging.

After having worked out the kinks in the system over the past year, let's hope the government has figured it out. 

Will you be trying the government's hash or the government's baked goods first? 

MTLBlog will bring you more updates as they're released. 

To read more about this new law, please read Health Canada's presentation or their official press release

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