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We Finally Know When It Will Start To Feel Like Spring In Quebec

With the weather over the last few months going from warm to cold, back to warm and, finally, bitter cold, most of us are feeling like there will never be a day when we actually see green leaves and spring showers once again. Well, fear not, Quebec. Although it seems like it's eons away, spring will inevitably come. And thanks to long-term forecasts for 2019, we can finally begin to predict when warm weather will return to Quebec.

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TL;DR The Farmer's Almanac has predicted that Quebec will see a late spring this year, with typical spring weather probably not arriving until April. Heavy snow is expected until mid-March. When it does come, spring will be cooler and wetter than average. More details below.

The bad news is that it isn't expected to be back anytime soon. So keep your winter gear out and your raincoats and umbrellas packed away for a few more months. We're in for a long and treacherous winter.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, the snowiest periods in Quebec will last well into mid-March. Needless to say, we can already predict that Wiarton Willie and Fred la marmotte will announce a late spring for 2019 on Groundhog Day. In fact, it looks like the province will welcome cooler than normal temperatures all year.

That may be a relief given the record-breaking, deadly heat that defined the summer of 2018.

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The first signs of spring weather will arrive in April. Although it will be rainier and chillier than previous years, the change in temperature will be a welcome shift. While the forecast also predicts that early spring conditions will tease the province in March, true seasonal change, including extended periods of warmth, will come later.

Let's just cross our fingers and hope that when spring finally arrives in Quebec it stays here for good. Stay tuned for future weather updates and breaking news.

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