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We Finally Know When The Marijuana Supply Problems In Canada Will Likely Be Resolved

We still have a while to wait...
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We Finally Know When The Marijuana Supply Problems In Canada Will Likely Be Resolved

October 17th, the date when recreational cannabis became legal in Canada, signalled a turning point in policy approaches to the popular drug not only across the country, but around the world.

Canada is only the second country and first major economy to legalize marijuana. The world looks to us for guidance and clarity as drug policies in several other countries are also relaxing.

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TL;DR According to the Calgary Herald, cannabis suppliers will likely be able to meet demand by late June / early July 2019.

But without any real precedent, legalization in Canada has been marred with problems. Chief among these issues is a lack of viable product.

Within weeks of legalization, licensed cannabis suppliers began to run out of stock. Retailers, too, began to quickly empty their shelves. In Quebec, the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) has had to close all of its branches three days per week to manage its dwindling supply.


Across the country, too, consumers do not have access to legal product. This has pushed many back to the black market, a problem that undermines one of the principle arguments that drove legalization efforts.

While these problems will persist well into 2019, a more concrete timeline is emerging for restocking efforts.

According to the Calgary Herald, suppliers will likely be able to just meet demand by the end of June and beginning of July 2019.

Of course, the transportation and proper packaging of that supply to licensed or government-run retailers is another issue. But consumers should certainly expect shelves to fill by the end of July.

The introduction of edibles in October 2019 may further ease stress on the market, says the Herald.

July is still seven months away. In the meantime, Canadian cannabis consumers will have to contend with short supply and the tempting ease of black market sales for the first half of 2019.

Strict new impaired driving laws also came into effect this month.

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With legalization has come a plethora of new information and regulations. The supply shortage has only complicated matters.

Stay tuned for more cannabis-related news.


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