We Now Know What Caused The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

Investigators have put forward a probable cause for the fire that destroyed much of the historical building

A fire devastated the Notre-Dame Cathedral in France earlier this week, a historical monument that is almost 800 years old. The fire consumed the steeple and destroyed most of the church's roof.

It took firefighters almost all day to extinguish the fire. The cause of the fire was unknown, though it was believed to be accidental.

Investigators have now revealed that they believe the cause of the fire was an electrical short-circuit.

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TL;DR Investigators have just revealed that they believe the cause of the fire which devastated much of the Notre-Dame Cathedral to be an electrical short-circuit.

A French judicial officer has come on record to say that the likely cause of the Notre-Dame cathedral fire was an electrical short-circuit. The official spoke an anonymously about the investigation, which is still ongoing.

The news comes just days after the terrible fire which ravaged the 800-year old building.

The anonymous source also said that investigators still do not have permission to enter the cathedral and search the inside.

This is due to safety concerns. It is unclear how much structural damage was caused during the fire.

Apparently, workers are still solidifying the structure with wooden planks along some of the more fragile walls.

Though much of the roof was destroyed in the original fire, it appears that most of the precious artifacts stored in the cathedral's treasury were not damaged.

In a further stroke of luck, many important statues were removed from the roof just days before the fire took place.