We Now Know What Meghan Markle Will Probably Name Her Baby And It's Absolutely Terrible

Early this morning Kengsington Palace revealed some huge news: Meghan Markle is officially pregnant!

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TL;DR Shortly after the annoucement of Meghan Markle's pregnancy, rumors have been circulating regarding the potential names of the first Royal baby of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Here are a few.

The Royal couple are expecting their first child in spring 2019.

It's barely been 24-hours since the initial public annoucement of the arrival of the Royal baby and the press is already going nuts over the news.

Rumors are quickly circulating regarding potential names for the new addition to the Royal family.

According to The Telegraph, unlike the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex AKA Meghan and Harry's baby will not be a prince or a princess unless the Queen steps in.

However, if this child is a boy, the baby will likely be given the title "Earl of Dumbarton." 

Yes, you heard correctly. 

It's funny to think of a small child associated with a grand title like this; in any other context this name would sound pretty crazy over-the-top, but this prestigious title is one of the subsidiary titles given to Harry from the Queen on the morning of his wedding. 

As for the first name, the couple may decide to go for a traditional royal name like Alice, Mary, Elizabeth, or Victoria for a girl or Philip, Frederick, Charles, Arthur, Edward, or James for a boy. 

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Knowing Meghan and her affinity for bending Royal rules, I'm not so certain this will be the case. Also given the fact that the baby is 7th in line for the throne, the likelyhood that the first child will ever be a king or queen is virutally non-existent.

But there is a lot less pressure to give her child a traditional royal name like George, for example. Which was the name given to Kate Middleton and Prince William's first son, Prince George of Cambridge

If the child is a girl, rumors are circulating that the name Diana, in honor of Harry's mother, may be another option. 

We hope that Kensigton Palace will announce the sex of the baby soon!

More to come.

In the meantime, we can all giggle at the idea of a royal baby named Phillip, Earl Of Dumbarton.


Also take a look at Inside Edition's announcement of the pregnancy!

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