We Now Know When We Will See Meghan Markle's New Royal Baby For The First Time

It was announced this morning that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their first baby this morning. According to Kensington Palace, the baby and mother are both in good health.

Though photos of the baby have not emerged, Prince Harry went on the news to announce exactly when we, the public, can expect to see the royal newborn for the first time. According to UK sources, photos of the baby should be revealed in around two days.

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The child is seventh in line for the throne, behind his grandfather, uncle, cousins, and father. Though Queen Elizabeth has yet to bestow on him the title of Prince.

The Duke and Duchess have kept many of the details of the pregnancy under wraps, preferring to only reveal the details to close family and friends.

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The royal baby has been the source of interest from media all around the world — and the source of much speculation. Hundreds of people are betting on what the child's name will be, as the royal couple have not yet revealed their choice. My personal favourite is Egbert.

Prince Harry appeared on British television earlier today to talk about the baby. He admitted to being in awe of his wife and women more generally for going through the process of giving birth.

When asked about the baby's first public appearance, the Duke of Sussex stated that the first photos would come out in about two days.


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