We Tried Subway's "Montreal Smoke Meat" Sandwich & It Was Not What We Were Expecting

When we first saw the ads promoting Subway's new "Montreal Smoke Meat" sammich, our immediate, reflex response was "who the fuck does Subway think they are taking our smoke meat and shoving it in a foot-long?!"

As it turned out, there were many Montrealers who felt similarly and found it to be absolutely blasphemous. Everyone knows that smoke meat is meant to be eaten the traditional way, the Montreal way, and that's dry-cured, perfectly spiced, sliced by hand with a healthy cut of fat, served on rye bread and slathered with yellow mustard. And never to be confused with New York pastrami. Never.

So surely, something as iconic, emblematic, and familiar as Montreal Smoke Meat could never be properly captured and done any kind of justice by a massive American corporate giant like Subway who's just trying to capitalize on our signature sandwich, right?

Well, a few of us at MTL Blog figured that since we have a Subway just next door, we would try this vulgar knock-off and confirm that it was exactly that. Only problem is, it wasn't half bad.

We so wanted to rip this sandwich apart, and we were sure it would only be barely edible at best, but what we found was that even though it looks nothing like a smoke meat sandwich, the flavour was not horribly offensive, for the most part. There were some serious issues though.

First of all, the bread. Smoke meat on anything but rye is wrong to begin with, and doughy, submarine bread definitely does not change that fact, severely throwing off the bread-to-meat ratio.

Secondly, they put the pickle inside the sandwich, which is not exactly kosher, and made some of us wonder if they were trying to mask the slight aftertaste we experienced. Still, the pickle-addition did kind of work.

Thirdly, they put cheese in there. What. the. fuck. is. that.

We also concluded that there wasn't enough tasty, juicy fat cut with the meat, but that surely came down to Jarrod's dietary restrictions.

So, long story short, the Subway "Montreal Smoke Meat" sandwich is not the horrible train wreck we were so hoping it would be, and even left all of us who tried it, wanting another bite. Yes, it's not a real smoked meat sandwich, but if you're going to Subway anyway, it's not a bad options.

You win this round Subway.