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An Honest Review Of Montreal's First-Ever 'Uncle Tetsu' Japanese Cheesecake Shop

The line up is insane.
An Honest Review Of Montreal's First-Ever 'Uncle Tetsu' Japanese Cheesecake Shop

I have great news for everyone this morning! Uncle Tetsu is finally open on Pierce Street downtown and right near Guy-Concordia Metro.

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For those of who are less familiar with this trendy Japanese cheesecake brand, we wrote about the imminent opening of the shop a few months back.

In essence, this shop is famous for serving freshly baked and ultra-light and moist Japanese-style cheesecakes. That said, when I heard about the opening, I just had to try it, although I am not a huge fan of sweets or baked goods.

To truly paint a proper picture, first - get your mind away from the classic American-style cheesecake with a crumble crust and mega dense cream cheese filling. Uncle Tetsu's cakes are NOTHING like this, this is a whole other breed of cheesecake.

With Uncle Tetsu, it's all about light and airy texture I honestly wonder what type of high-tech baking tools they must use to whip the batter so that it becomes this fluffy.

Seriously, with its signature jiggle, you can cut into an Uncle Tetsu cake with a dull butter knife, and it will slice straight through with zero effort. The texture is so light, it's almost like chocolate mousse.

@uncletetsucanadaembedded via

When it comes to the taste, you will be surprised to find that Uncle Tetsu cakes are not aggressively sweet. Instead, they have a light custard-like flavor that's somewhat sweet and savory at the same time. You can definitely taste the egg in there.

Here's a photo of the actual cake we tasted:

Via mtlblog

Overall, I would highly recommend Uncle Tetsu, even for people that don't have a very aggressive sweet tooth because, in the end, these cakes aren't all that sweet, and the texture is exceptional and unique.

With that said, new Uncle Tetsu locations are known for frequently having huge line-ups outside. All the cakes are baked fresh in batches, so if you arrive too late, you have to wait for the next batch to come out.  At least it's fresh!

I recommend you try going as early as possible to avoid long lines. Enjoy!

To visit Uncle Tetsu Canada on Facebook, click HERE!

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