Websites Where Montrealers Can Easily Make Money Working From Home

You'll never have to put on pants again.
Websites Where Montrealers Can Easily Make Money Working From Home

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Here at MTL Blog we love helping fellow Montrealers find jobs, although we usually tend to recommend weird and unusual jobs. This time however we decided to get serious (for once) and show you actual ways you can make money by working from home. So if you're just looking for some extra income or you need a way to avoid the rest of the winter by never leaving your home, we've got the right solution for you.

Here are 7 sites where you can make money by working from home:

1. Fiverr

Fiver is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to do freelance work online. You can offer any service you think someone would be willing to pay $5 for. They can be real web skills such as designing simple logos and photoshopping pictures or can think outside the box and charge someone 5 dollars to write their name on your chest and sing 'happy birthday' while playing chess against your cat. Check out some of the more bizarre services offered on Fiverr.

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2. PeoplePerHour

It's pretty much the same concept as fiverr only a little more serious. So if you have any of the following skills you can earn quite a bit of money on this site. These skills include: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Design (logos, vectors, 3d graphics, illustrations banner and flyers). So if you're looking to learn some of these skills there is also a website where you can easily learn coding at home: Team Tree House (I have personally used this site with great success)

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3. Freelancer

It's exactly what it sounds like, a site for freelancers. Here you can do everything from web design to writing content and data entry. And if you're not the best with computers, you can also find work in product sourcing, sales, marketing, legal work and accounting.

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4. Behance

On this site, you can just drop your work off and see if anyone wants to buy it. So dig up all your old art projects and see if you can cut it as a professional artist. Popular fields on the site include: graphic design, photography and illustration.

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5. 99Designs

Are you the best designer you know and looking for a chance to prove it? Now you can scroll though customers' design needs and submit your work to see if yours gets chosen as the best. If your design gets chosen you can have yourself quite the payday.

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