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Weinstein And Gavino's Crafts A Pizza Pie Unlike Any You've Tasted Before

W&G's Pizza Season special is a one of a kind pie.
Weinstein And Gavino's Crafts A Pizza Pie Unlike Any You've Tasted Before

Crescent street usually isn't the first place that comes to mind when you're in the mood for pizza. Better known as a place to bar hop, pizza, or food in general, isn't what Crescent is famous for. Weinstein and Gavinos, located on Crescent between Maissoneuve and St. Catherine, is changing that pizza-thought process with their Pizza Season creation. Unique, interesting, and flavourful, Weinstein and Gavino's pizza will have you coming over to Crescent street for a reason beyond beer.

A fully stocked restaurant and bar, W&G fits right into the Crescent scene, with enough space to host large groups and happy hours every weekday from 4-8 (a couple hours longer than the norm, I might add). With a fully stocked bar and a huge wine rack, W&G is great for casual drinks to go along with your pizza.

To start off your pizza experience, W&G gives you a warm and fresh loaf of bread along with a zesty pesto sauce for dipping. Get taken to carb heaven, just be sure to leave enough room for pizza. Pro tip: the pesto sauce acts as a great sauce to dip your pizza in, especially crust pieces.

W&G's head chef Guiseppe Sacchetti has made a pizza specifically for Pizza Season unlike many have probably seen before. Playing off of the Italian classic of dates and prosciutto, W&G's Pizza Season creation is a Margherita Fior di Latte, topped with Speck (smoked prosciutto from Nothern Italy), Dates and arugula. Dates on a pizza? Sounds weird, but it works.

W&G's sauce and crust are pretty standard, but its the topping's flavour combination which truly shine through on this pie. Smokey, salty, and sweet, the pizzas's Speck and dates balance out the dominate flavours of the other. A bite will initially bang with the Speck's smokey flavour, then smooth out into the date's inherent sweetness. Accompanied by the arugala's leafy freshness, W&G's Pizza Season special is a combination of varying tastes which create a unique pizza experience.

Even if you're a little hesitant to try out W&G's pie creation, the standard menu boasts many more pizza combinations, along with a long list of starters, main dishes, and desserts. But if you want to truly celebrate Montreal's pizza, as is the meaning behind Pizza Season, try out W&G for a pizza your not likely to get anywhere else.

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