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Welcome to / Bienvenue à Bantréal

The city where you ask why? And they say because.
Welcome to / Bienvenue à Bantréal

Montreal always had reputation for being a fun city.

Growing up here I remember hearing about rules and laws they had in other parts of Canada and thinking to myself: "Thank fuck we live in Montreal."

But in recent years, Montreal has slowly been changing. Every year we add more and more rules and the excuse is that we're "protecting the public", but in reality all that's happening is were being robbed of our freedom to choose.

First we banned indoor smoking, so people started smoking on terrasses instead. Then we banned smoking on terrasses, and then we tried to ban terrasses all together.

But what makes this obsession with banning things so dangerous, is the fact that we have also a very short attention span.

We rally in the streets about a cause and we act as if it's the only thing that matters in the world. Then 2 weeks later we forget about it and we move on to the next "cause" and before we know it, everything will be banned.

Don't believe me? Here's proof of how short our attention span is:

Remember all the caleche drama? Everyone in the city besides the caleche owners themselves wanted to see them banned. So we did. Then 2 weeks later we un-banned them and no one made a peep. I guess we were just too distracted by Pokémon Go.

And speaking of Pokémon, no one was surprised at all when we claimed that Montreal could be the first city in the world to ban Pokémon GO.

It seemed so plausible that even the mayor of Montreal had to reassure the public.

And look at what happened with pit bulls.

A woman got attacked by a pit bull and our immediate reaction was to ban all of them.

And even though it has since been proven that the dog wasn't a pit bull, we went ahead and banned them anyways.

Basically we don't even need a legitimate reason to ban things in this city.

Perfect example:

Someone got shot outside a nightclub and Montreal's solution was to ban hip-hop music.

If that doesn't prove that we've completely lost our minds, I don't know what will.

So welcome to Bantreal everyone, a city that will eventually ban everything you love.

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