Welcome To The World Of Montreal`s #2 Ranked Tattoo parlour 'Bodkin Tattoo'

At the very tip of Dominique Bodkin looks more like she could be colouring with kindergarteners instead of inking up the Mile-End, but her sweetness is only amped by the classic swirling designs that adorn her arms.

Why the name "Bodkin"?

Bodkin is my name, pleasure to meet you.

How long have you been a tattoo artist?

My father is a tattooer and I've simply been around it my whole life. I've taken a more active role in tattooing within the last two years.

Where do you get all the antique photos that hang in your parlour?

It’s a private collection I've been amassing for years. Flea markets, fairs, trading with other tattooers.

The Mile End shop has had its doors open for a mere three years and already earned itself a spot on Cult Mtl’s Best-Of-Mtl list as the #2 best tattoo parlour in the city, so obviously they’re doing something right! The white walls are tiled with old Victorian photographs chronicling the grand history of the art form. It looks clean without looking clinical.

What is our favorite kind of tattoo? Body part or design etc.

I'm partial to well-applied, classic tattoos, applied anywhere visible.

Favorite tattoo on yourself?

This small swallow on my wrist. My dad stuck on there some years ago.

What about the mile-end influences your style?

The strong community valves in this neighborhood. The people in Mile End generally care for each other and other and that's influenced my management style. Then there's the diversity. Clients are always coming in with a variety of great projects.

Bodkin Tattoo Parlour

Do you see any rising or falling trends in commissioned tattoos?

Trends come and go, good classic tattoos are forever. Our five artists offer our clientele a variety of styles.

What are your sources of inspiration or “style icons” for original tattoo art?

Cindy Ray, Lyle Turtle, Tom Devita, Bert Grimm, as well as Canadian heavyweights such as Doc Forbes.

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