Well, Looks Like Montreal Has Run Out Of A/Cs For Sale In The City

Not available in-store or online!.
Well, Looks Like Montreal Has Run Out Of A/Cs For Sale In The City

Today Montreal can expect another miserably hot and humid day. The heat wave isn't over just yet, and people in the city living without AC are really having a rough time.

It is dangerously hot out there. It's so bad, 6 people have died so far in Montreal!

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So it's not suprise that everyone is flocking to buy an air conditioner. The only problem is, there aren't any.

P.S. my roommate is going to Ottawa for buying air conditioner since ours failed to work yesterday and Montreal stores have no inventory on A/Cs.

We checked online to see if this was true and we actually can't find a single AC unit in stock in the city!

Canadian Tire, Walmart, Rona, and even Costco are all completely out of stock. We tried to buy one online, but the shipping time for most of those store would be 4 to 10 days, which doesn't help at all.

Via canadiantire

We tried to find one Amazon, and although there are many of them in stock, you'll have a hard time finding one that will ship out today. Most of them only ship after 1-2 days which mean and by then the weather will be back to normal.

So basically it seems like the only option if you want an air conditioner TODAY, is driving to another province. And honestly when it's this hot outside, it's not such a crazy idea.

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