Well, Looks Like Montreal REALLY Fucked Up Again!

We're not even a little bit surprised.
Well, Looks Like Montreal REALLY Fucked Up Again!

It's been two long years since the Plateau decided to revamp Prince Arthur street, but when you look at what the street looks like today, it appears as though Montreal has REALLY fucked up again!

The plans to revitalize the area weren't exactly ambitious. All they had to do was repave the street, add a few wooden benches, and plant a few trees.

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The project was supposed to be done by June 15th, but somehow, two years later, when you walk down Prince Arthur, this is what you'll see:

Construction cones and unfinished work:

Abandoned work sites at 3:00 PM on a Wednesday:

Giant ashtrays instead of trees:

Random holes in the floor filled with garbage:

But the saddest thing of all: Empty Terrasses

The business owners are understandably pissed off.

Some of them are still hoping the project will come together in the end once the greenery is added, while others are worried this might be the last year they could afford to stay open.

But it's no secret why the project is behind on schedule, no one's working on it. I live near the area and I've never actually seen anyone doing actual work. I see the parked forklifts, cones and metal gates but that's pretty much it.

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