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Well, Looks Like Uber Is Leaving Montreal Forever

A new Quebec law you'll hate.
Well, Looks Like Uber Is Leaving Montreal Forever

Here's something we haven't heard about in a little while, the age old Taxi vs Uber debate.

Last we heard, Uber was temporarily allowed to operate in Quebec.

Of course, this wasn't a permanent measure, the government of Quebec only allowed this so that they could have some time to come up with proper legislation for what was supposed to be the "Uber Pilot Project".

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The only problem is that the project was supposed to be coming into effect on Thursday September 8th.

That's less than 48 hours away, and yet there doesn't seem to be any plans to unveil the new legislation.

But that doesn't mean Uber will be allowed to continue doing business the way it is now.

The original announcement mentioned that if there is no pilot project in place by midnight on Wednesday September 7th, then Uber will be forced to shut down all operations in the entire province of Quebec.

This is crazy considering that 88% of Quebecers support Uber.

Plus, Uber is always there when you need it.

Uber is asking everyone to please show their support by using the hashtags:

  • #polqc
  • #proUberQC

So please help keep Uber alive in Quebec!

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