Well, Looks Like Winter Is Over In Montreal

Warm and sunny days ahead!

If you look outside right now, it looks like winter is over, but is it really? 

I spent all morning reading and listening to every weather report I could get my hands on, and so far, things definitely look promising. 

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The Weather Network is even using the arrival of certain birds to prove that spring has arrived. 

via @ericbranover

Others are talking about the fact that January and February have been the second warmest on record for the last 75 years! And tomorrow Montreal is going to beat the heat record for the month of February.

That's really the key to figure out how the rest of the winter will go. The cold temperatures will be attempting to make a comeback in March, but since the thaw is so significant, the weather is fighting an unphill battle. 

The first 2 weeks of March will be a little chilly but after that we won't be dipping below 0°C. 

So although it will get colder, overall the next two months are going to be much milder than normal, and that's all we can really hope for.