WestJet Is Officially Cancelling All Flights Within Quebec

Turns out air travel is less popular than you think.
WestJet Is Officially Cancelling All Flights Within Quebec

Not many people know this, but sometimes taking a flight somewhere can be a lot cheaper than any other mode of transportation. Even if your travels aren't that far, you may want to look into taking a plane. On top of that, a plane can get you there hours faster than driving or going by train, so there's really no downside to taking flights as much as you can. 

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There's no doubt that travelling within Quebec becomes easier when you have the option to book a flight. Quebec's the biggest province in the entire country so sometimes driving can totally be a nightmare if you need to get somewhere far. We've always been able to rely on catching a plane if we desperately needed to, so our options haven't been too limited.

Unfortunately, it won't be that way anymore.

WestJet Airlines has decided to cut the cord on flights within Quebec. The decision comes after flights from Montreal to Quebec City were much less frequent than expected. So, now your options when travelling within the province are a bit more limited.

The last flight between the two major cities will be on October 28 of this year. For anyone that had a flight booked after that date you have the option to get a connecting flight to Toronto, receive a full refund or just rebook through another airline if possible.

Not only have these flights failed to make good revenue for the company, but the service between Quebec City and Calgary is now in question as well. It's hard to believe people are choosing to drive over taking a flight in that situation.

It turns out no one really wants to fly between the two Quebec cities. Maybe people just didn't know that option was available? Either way, unless more people start taking these flights there is a possibility for other airlines to cancel these routes as well.

WestJet will still provide flights between Toronto and Montreal as well as Toronto and Quebec City daily, so maybe the answer is to make a visit to TO first before heading out to your initial destination. 

In the end, whatever your mode of travel is, have fun with it! Maybe now that travelling via WestJet isn't an option there's a better opportunity to discover more of what Quebec has to offer while you're on the road.


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