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What A $1,000,000 Apartment Looks Like In Montreal's Habitat '67

If I had a million dollars...
What A $1,000,000 Apartment Looks Like In Montreal's Habitat '67

I don't know about you, but I have always been incredibly intrigued by Habitat '67.

I mean, Montreal real estate and architecture are stunning. No other city in Canada has the same vibe or as beautiful properties with as much character as Montreal - trust me, I've lived all over the country.

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Originally built as a pavilion for Expo '67, Habitat '67 was the thesis project for a McGill University architecture graduate, and is now widely considered an architectural landmark and one of the most recognizable and spectacular buildings in both Montreal and Canada. Source.

I have always wondered about the inside of this architectural gem... and right now, there is $1M apartment up for rent that is scratching my curious itch. 

Check out these photos:

...and finally, the view!

Via Habitat '67

The coolest thing about Habitat '67 is that every suite in the building is completely unique!

This apartment is simply stunning... and for those lucky folks that may have $4,500 to spend on rent every month, it can be your stunning apartment!

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